Miss Georgia Girl 
 Finals Information
August 18, 2019

Pageant will be held at:

Gainesville Civic Center
830 Green St. NE
Gainesville, GA 30501


Miss Georgia Girl Pageant is designed for age groups

4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-16, 17-24 (never married) 

Keeping it natural and fun!
​4-9 yrs  no make up
10- 24 yrs make up allowed

Winners will receive crown, banner and trophy/plaque 
Alternates will receive a trophy/plaque. 
 All contestants not placing will receive a participation award.

*No type of slander, bad sportsmanship or bashing will be tolerated from any parent, contestant or visitor..
All slanderous, damaging, false, detrimental actions; spoken, written, or physical by any parent, contestant, visitor regarding this system, any individual associated with or a part of, can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
As stated on all entry forms: Any negative or inappropriate behavior will result in contestant being disqualified and awards forfeited. All returned checks - for any reason, including "stop payment" will have a $50 returned check fee along with legal fees.

We do not offer refunds of any kind for any reason. If you register for any pageant held by Royal Productions, USA and do attend, you will be billed a 25% processing charge and be expected to pay the amount invoiced (if a deposit equal to  has not been paid). Should a contestant or family register for the pageant and win an optional competition such as photo cover, inside cover, family, essay, etc., and do not attend the pageant for any reason, awards and all fees paid are forfeited. No credits will be given. All returned or "stop payment" checks will have a fee of $50 added to the amount of the check in additional to any and all collection/legal fees. Only cash will be accepted for fees and admission the day of the event.

Solicitation for/by other pageants/directors is not allowed at any Miss Georgia Girl event unless prior approval is given by the owners/directors.

updated: 3/5/2019

FACTS and FAQ - You NEED to KNOW before competing

Q- What do I need to bring to the pageant?
A -Bring with you the following which will need to be turned in at registration.:

Photogenic entries
Items the contestant will need for competition and down time.
Cash to cover any fees not paid and for admission.

You will turn in two (2) $5 - $10 gifts for the outgoing Queen in your age division .

Q - Can my child wear make-up? 
This is a natural pageant which means we do not allow makeup, false eyelashes, flippers, hair pieces or extensions, on any child between the ages of 4=9.  They need to have a "clean face". Keep hair simple. They do not need "hair jewelry" or spray glitter. Bows and headbands are fine but they do not need the rhinestone beads that hairdressers sometimes add to children's hair when they go to a salon.  They also should not wear color finger nail polish.Natural polish is fine.

Ages 10-up  Hair is fine down or up, straight or curled.  Keep in mind, you should style your child's hair  the way it looks best 
on them.

Q - What type of dress and shoes should my daughter or I wear?
A - Ages 4-9 can wear short, long or T length dresses.  The most important thing to remember is that the dress needs to be in good repair and fit the child.  The dress can be a color of your choice, but lean toward a pastel color. Black or very dark colors have tendencies to mask your child's natural beauty and make them look too old in their division.  They can wear pageant dresses - flower girl or party type dresses.  We do not recommend gloves or shawls.  Strapless or spaghetti straps normally do no score well in this age.  Off the shoulder or sleeveless with little scoop necklines seem to score better.  Simple earrings (if they wear them) and usually no necklaces, rings or bracelets. *This is what you will see most of, it does not imply this is what will win.

Ages - 10 - 25. wear long dresses that are typically pageant or prom type.  The most important thing to remember is that the dress needs to be in good repair and fit the girl.  Shoes should be appropriate for the dress. Be careful with the height of the heel on the shoe. If the heel is higher than what the girl normally wears, allow her to practice or walk in them BEFORE arriving to the pageant. The stage most likely will have very thin "stage carpet". Points WILL NOT be taken off for dresses dragging.

Q - What type of Casual Wear do the contestants wear
A-  All contestants ages 4-25 will wear BLUE jeans shorts, capris, long jeans with your choice of tops and shoes. We encourage your contestant to walk with an upbeat personality and have fun.

Q. Will my contestant speak on stage?
A -No. Each contestant will compete in interview.

Q- What is my contestant judged on during the competition?
A -  Ages 4-9  Dress/beauty score (on stage in dress) - are judged more on personality while on stage than their actual stage presence.  Parents can walk with their child in this group with no points being taken away nor will points be added if the child walks by themselves.

Eye contact, personality, complete answers to questions, and overall appearance will make up the interview score.  Beauty (evening gown)  - Personality (smile), stage presence (eye contact with judges, confidence, overall appearance and facial beauty make up the "beauty score". Casual wear/Outfit of Choie - Show that personality! Up beat music and a faster walk to show they are having fun! The scores of "interview", "beauty" and "casual wear" will make up their divisional score which is what determines the "DIVISIONAL QUEEN".

Photogenic is an optional offered to each age group. The picture can be black/white or color and any size (no larger than a 11x14). These must be turned in at registration.. The photo should show personality and can be a head shot or full body pose. Photos are judged on overall appeal, facial beauty.  *Photogenic is required when contestants are competing for Photo Model and Photogenic awards.
Queen in Action - This title is optional and awarded to the contestant who enters with confirmed volunteer hours and recommendations.

Top Model - Judged in evening gown ans casual wear. Winners in 4-9 and 10-up.

Photo Model - Judged on photogenic entry.

Q - What do the contestants win at the pageant?
A -  Miss Georgia Girl has grown to be one of the most respected pageants in the state and the Nation. Earning a title in the 2019-2020 pageant. will be a very proud moment in your contestant's life.  Along with recognition in parades, web sites and throughout the state, they are also recognized by our state's Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State. 

Divisional Queens receive  a beautiful official state rhinestone crown, embroidered state banner, shirt,  trophy or plaque. They will appear in parades, charity events, and festivals throughout the state.  Titleholders will receive an all expense paid weekend trip to a luxury mountain cabin in the fall and a spring beach trip. They will attend parties, fund raisers, and much more during their reign. Volunteer hours are submitted for the Presidential Volunteer Service program.

Alternates in each age group will receive a trophy or plaque and a discount to MGG local pageants during 2016-17.

All contestants not placing in their division will receive a recognition award.

Please contact Pennie, via  email missgeorgiagirlpageant@gmail.com   with any questions. Updated information will also be posted on our FaceBook page.
We want you to be completely informed and ready to have a wonderful experience!
 by clicking the yellow link below!  
Keeping it affordable!

Deposit or full payment is required when registering.

Competition fees include:
Registration, Beauty, blue jean/casual wear and interview​
​Optional Competition includes:

Photogenic, Top Photogenic Model, Top Model

Enter BEST AWARDS at Registration at the Venue - $25
Best Dress, Best Smile, Best Personality
These will be judged during all phases of competition

Best Award Winners will have 1/2 point added to their final score.